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Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Fine Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia

About me

I'm a multi-disciplined graphic designer with an emphasis on Marketing. Though my most recent work has been for the data analytics and medical device industries, I have experience designing for a variety of different target audiences. I'm based in southern California and have worked in just about every artistic medium or computer program, on virtually any type of marketing project you could name. In addition to my graphic design skills, in the past couple years, I have developed a keen interest in web marketing strategies (particularly content marketing and search engine optimization) and have had success in attaining high search engine rankings for targeted keyword search terms. I have a strong work ethic and always put the client's message first.

I wish to utilize my creative skills on a daily basis, in an environment where I can make a real difference.

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My Skills

Here's a few of my skills and how I would rate my mastery of each on a scale of 1-100. You may notice I place none of them at 100. That's because "100" would imply that I know everything, and I believe there is always more to learn. Other applications at which I am skilled are: Flash, QuarkXpress, Premiere, Powerpoint, and Acrobat to name a few. I also have experience with 3-D software such as Lightwave.





After Effects



Work Experience

Visual Designer

IBM Analytics (Full-time Contractor)
May 2015 - Present

As part of the IBM Analytics newsroom team, design graphics, content marketing assets (infographics, SlideShares presentations, listicles, etc...) and teaser campaigns for IBM's Big Data & Analytics Hub:

Graphic Designer / Marketing Support Supervisor

Aaren Scientific Inc. (A Carl Zeiss Meditec Company)

6 Years, 4 Months

November 2008 - April 2015

Design and create marketing literature, packaging, illustrations, multimedia CDs, promotional and instructional videos, and PowerPoint presentations. Work with other designers to create and maintain logos, product names, and brands. Design, maintain, and create content for company websites. Manage trade show presence. Communicate with sales, engineering, and consultants to define and promote product features and benefits. Write copy; plan and execute ad campaigns.

Graphic Designer

Ophthalmic Innovations International, Inc.

5 Years, 9 Months

January 2003 - November 2008

Created marketing literature, packaging, product logos, multimedia CDs, and audio/visual aids. Coordinated projects with print vendors. Managed advertising budget. Designed, maintained, and created content for company websites. Communicated with sales, engineering, and consultants to define and promote product features and benefits.

Multimedia Graphic Designer


6 Years, 3 Months

January 1999 - April 2005

Designing and producing new media and print projects including websites, search engine optimizations, link strategies, AdSense websites, Flash and 3-D animation, video editing, interactive CD/DVD authoring, logos, brochures, and business cards

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BA, Fine Art

California State Polytechnic University (Pomona, CA)

AA, Graphic Design

Platt College (Ontario, CA)

Certificate, Multimedia

Platt College (Ontario, CA)


Portfolio - Print

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Analytics Files
Social Media Teaser Campaign (animated)

One of ten X-Files flavored social tiles I created to build excitement for a mystery anouncement at IBM Insight 2015 (which happened to be just before Halloween).

BigInsights Presentation
BigInsights Presentation

Presentation to showcase the advantages of IBM's BigInsights analytics tool. Optimized for Slideshare distribution.

The full presentation (14 slides) is available here: BigInsights SlideShare

drone industry infographic
Commercial Drone Infographic

A visualization of the projected economic growth for the U.S. commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry, as well as expected career opportunities.

High resolution version available here: Commercial Drone Infographic, created for Drone Training HQ.

intraocular lens patient brochure
Patient Brochure

Tri-fold intraocular lens patient education brochure, utilizing the skills of page layout design, logo design, copywriting, and product photography. Target Audience: Over-60 demographic and/or people considering cataract surgery.

View complete brochure.

Zeiss packaging
Product Packaging

ZEISS brand medical device product packaging components: product box, patient card, and 24-language instructions for use booklet, for LUCIA intraocular lenses.

High resolution photo available:
ZEISS Product Packaging

Zeiss corporate wall art
Corporate Wall Art

Layout design and product photography for Zeiss corporate wall art.

Portfolio - Video

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HPI instructional video
Preloaded IOL Instructional Video

Cataract surgery video demonstrating preparation of Aaren Scientific's Aaris HPI preloaded lens injection system.

Software: After Effects, Photoshop.

Lifestyles Ski Trips Movie
Lifestylez College Ski Trips

Brief Flash movie promoting Lifestyles Ski Trips targeting college students and twentysomething wintersports enthusiasts.

Software: Flash, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sound Forge.

Acrilix IOL video
Arcilux Kiosk Video

Brief promotional video for Arcilux intraocular lenses, used at ophthalmology trade show kiosks and incorporated into multimedia CDs.

Software: After Effects, Lightwave, Photoshop.

Portfolio - Websites

Unfortunately, the company website of my previous employer (which I helped design and maintain for the last several years) has been taken down due to corporate acquisition.

Drone Training HQ
Drone Training HQ

Wordpress-powered website I created and maintain. Incoporates responsive design (so it is accessible on tablets and smart phones, as well as desktops).

SEO: Search Engine Optimized for the search terms "drone training" and "drone schools".

California Vacations Now
California Vacations Now

California travel site I created and maintain. This site was built with Bootstrap (v.3), which I customized to accommodate Google AdSense, and incoporates responsive design.

The site also features (CSS) sliding image captions, and a JavaScript-powered trip cost calculator.


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